Green Transformation: Reducing Fashion’s Footprint

SPECTRA JOINT EXPERIMENTATION “Green Transformation: Reducing Fashion’s Footprint” takes place in Ruse, Bulgaria on April 30, 2024

Organized by SPECTRA partner BIC Innobridge and the APECTRA associate partner Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of the SPECTRA project, the session tackled a critical issue: the environmental impact of the textile and fashion industry.

The event kicked off with the hosts presenting the SPECTRA project and its achievements thus far, setting the stage for a collaborative discussion. Joining the conversation was Mrs. Veneta Petrova, a representative of a clothing company in Ruse. Mrs. Petrova shed light on the significant carbon footprint of the textile industry, a reality often hidden behind the glamour of the fashion world.

However, the focus quickly shifted from problems to possibilities. More than 20 enthusiastic young students from the Vocational School of Fashion and Design actively participated in the discussion, eager to explore solutions. Business representatives also joined the dialogue, acknowledging the need for a greener industry.

The conversation delved deep into the challenges of textile pollution, exploring potential solutions through the lens of circular economy principles. Examples of successful sustainable practices from around the world were shared, serving as inspiration for the Ruse community. EU regulations and legislation related to sustainability in fashion were also discussed, providing a framework for moving forward.

This “joint experimentation,” as the event was aptly titled, went beyond simply identifying problems. The core focus was on how young people, the future creators and designers of the industry, envision a greener fashion landscape. By fostering collaboration between established businesses, students, and industry leaders, the event sparked creative thinking and a sense of ownership for a more sustainable future and created new linkages.

The SPECTRA project, through events like this, empowers the Ruse creative community to embrace innovation and navigate the path toward a more sustainable future for fashion. With the creative energy and fresh perspectives of its young minds, Ruse is well on its way to stitching a greener future for the industry.