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SPECTRA and 4NGELS Projects Connect and Exchange

The SPECTRA partners were delighted to connect and exchange with a sister project, funder under the European Interconnected Ecosystem call, 4NGELS. The …
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Upcoming Generative AI Hackathon in Ireland

We are at the brink of a revolutionary era in Artificial Intelligence, and those who do not adapt quickly to this new wave, risk being left behind. As…
European Union Horizon Europe

SPECTRA participates in the Horizon Europe Lump Sum Webinar

On the 16th May, SPECTRA participated in the webinar on the topic of Lump Sum Funding in Horizon Europe: How does it work? How to write a proposal? The…
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Green Transformation: Reducing Fashion’s Footprint

SPECTRA JOINT EXPERIMENTATION “Green Transformation: Reducing Fashion's Footprint” takes place in Ruse, Bulgaria on April 30, 2024 Organized by SPECTRA…
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Green ideas and creativity in action: innovation and sustainability with Lego

The innovative SPECTRA workshop took place in Ruse, Bulgaria on 12.04.2024, organized by the Business Innovation Center Innobridge and the Ruse Chamber…
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First SPECTRA Sprint completed!

5 selected companies take part in the first SPECTRA Sprint session on 27th March Applications were invited to participate in the inaugural 'sprint and…
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SPECTRA Partners meet in Ireland

SPECTRA partner CREW hosts the project meeting activities and visiting SPECTRA partners from Bulgaria, Germany and Denmark, that participated in and supported…
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Call now Open for SPECTRA Investment Sprint & Pitch!

We are inviting creative start-ups to participate in sprint session with real investors, culminating in an investment pitch Who should Apply We are targeting…
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Best Practice Examples and Evaluation

As a part of the effort to facilitate Inclusive, Diverse Ecosystems SPECTRA partners sought to specifically address intra-territorial exchange of experience…

Innovation Direction and Trends

In order for the creative industries to continue to bring prosperity to Europe, it must now become the accelerator and enabler of change and innovation…

Engagement with the EIT KIC CCSI continues

SPECTRA partners engage with the EIT KIC CCSI Policy Club (Cities & Regions Network) and Investment Club activities The Policy Club aims to bridge…
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Territorial and International Case Studies and Role Models

The SPECTRA interventions under Work Package 2 (WP2) ‘Capacity Building of Moderate and Emerging Innovator Territories’ target the emerging and modest…
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IP for Creative Ecosystem Stakeholders and Creative Industries

The innovation process in creative industries can often be described as a collective process that can involve many different actors whose objectives and…
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SPECTRA Study Visit to Copenhagen

The Study visit to Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted by the Creative Business Network, was composed of several elements and took place over several days from…
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SPECTRA Study Visit to Berlin

SPECTRA partner attended a study visit, hosted by the German partner Media Deals, during 9th and 10th November 2023.

SPECTRA at the EIT KIC CCSI Creativity Days

SPECTRA project was delighted to be represented at the City of Amsterdam Creativity Days on 16th and 17th October 2023, launching the EIT KIC CCSI Colocation…
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Welcome to the SPECTRA Community Space!

Following the SPECTRA project Panel Discussions on the topics of Stimulating Internal Innovation and use of Experimentation, as well as the Ecosystem as…
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Play’n’Learn Methodologies for Ecosystem Growth

How might we gain new competences, to enhance innovation eco-systems growth, through Play’n’Learn methodologies? That is next on the agenda for the…

“Ecosystem as an open innovation platform with inclusivity as key enabler”

Join us for an exciting online event on 21st August 2023 at 16:30 CEST, where we explore how an inclusive ecosystem drives open innovation.

SPECTRA to host Panel discussion on ‘Stimulating internal innovation and use of Experimentation’

Ignite your creativity and embrace the power of innovation at our online event, "Stimulating internal innovation and use of Experimentation"

Entrepreneurial skills for building innovation ecosystems within the CCSI

SPECTRA partners are learning from advanced initiative championed by the Creative Business Network (CBN).

What is Policy? And its importance for CCSI innovation ecosystems’ development.

On 20th July, CBN’s Rasmus Tscherning and Marjan Nikolovski collaborated with Alexandre Lotito, from Techonopolis Group, to deliver an interactive session on Policy.

Study visit focusing on the creative and cultural ecosystem in Ruse, Bulgaria

BIC Innobridge and Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a two-day study visit on July 3rd and 4th 2023 in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Western Development Commission launches SPECTRA

SPECTRA was developed in collaboration between the partners in Ireland (Northern and Western), Bulgaria (North-Central-BG), Denmark (Hovedstaden) and Germany (Berlin).

SPECTRA partner meeting in Galway

Irish Partners welcome the SPECTRA Partnership to the West Of Ireland.

SPECTRA study visit

SPECTRA Consortium plans the study visit to Copenhagen.