Entrepreneurial skills for building innovation ecosystems within the CCSI

Within Work Package 3 (WP3), SPECTRA partners are learning from advanced initiative championed by the Creative Business Network (CBN), focusing on Tools, Systems, Methods & Structures for an Amplified Ecosystem.

Specifically, this includes activities to:

  • Engage with, and learn from, successful CBN ecosystem & network building practices and model for regional ecosystem development.
  • Acquire and exchange new knowledge, skills, methods, tools, systems and structures that can be utilised by moderate and emerging regions to strengthen their respective ecosystems.

On 20th July, CBN’s Rasmus Tscherning and Marjan Nikolovski collaborated with Amy Cosper – former Vice President of Entrepreneur Media Inc., and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, an expert on storytelling, delivering insights with focus on storytelling as tool for growing CCSI innovation eco-systems. The learning session was also supported by the EKIP Horizon Project (European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries Policy Platform).

Amy is one of the most prominent voices in the world on the topic of entrepreneurship. As the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur magazine, Ms. Cosper knows what it means to innovate, create and disrupt an industry—and an economy. An entrepreneur in her own right, Amy has become an evangelist for entrepreneurship around the globe as one of the most sought-after speakers keynoting and judging at prominent entrepreneurial events, such as Disrupt Athens in Greece, the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen, ShiftSplit in Croatia, and the upcoming Global Entrepreneur Network Conference in Milan. She is regularly tapped for her commentary among her fellow journalists, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR, and appearances on Fox Business, ABC News, CNN and Bloomberg Television. In addition to her perspectives on entrepreneurship, she is often asked to provide insights on a spectrum of topics from free economics, social media optimization, broadcasting, the Internet, VC strategies, media, online profiling and user behaviors, and content strategies.

This interactive session focussed on factors for success, inspiring change, stimulating investment and entrepreneurship within the CCSI, all as underpinning drivers for ecosystem development. The session provided numerous case studies and examples of ecosystem development, especially in terms of getting from a stage of nascent development to a more mature environment, including overcoming challenges of barriers of mentality, attitudes and bias acting as blockers, to support organic development, driven by entrepreneurs. There is a solid argument for allowing the entrepreneurial movement to be the key driver of policy, in order to create an intelligent ecosystem, harnessing the community at its core.

To access these insights, you can view the recording as follows:

Passcode: pAJ93.we