Deep Dive into Ethical AI: SPECTRA’s BIC Innobridge hosts successful webinar

The Business Innovation Center (BIC) Innobridge recently organized a captivating webinar titled “EU AI Act: A Framework for Ethical AI, Creativity and Business Success.” Held on June 13, 2024, within one hour, the event attracted over 22 participants. This audience included a diverse range of professionals from the creative industries, business sector, and partners within the SPECTRA project community.

The webinar kicked off with an introduction by the SPECTRA project manager and coordinator Mrs. Helena Deane from the Western Development Commission, Ireland. She provided a clear overview of the project’s core objectives, setting the stage for the main event. Following the introduction, the floor was handed over to two highly distinguished speakers: Mrs. Ginka Hristova and Mr. Slavi Tankein of ILAC (International Legal Advice Centre).

Mrs. Hristova delved into the heart of the EU AI Act, exploring its core objectives and their potential impact on the creative and cultural industries. Her insights likely proved invaluable for attendees seeking to understand how this new legislation might shape their future endeavors.

Mr. Tankein then shifted the focus to the technical aspects of AI, highlighting the ever-increasing importance of cybersecurity. His presentation likely provided attendees with a practical understanding of how to navigate the technical landscape of AI development in a secure and responsible manner.

This webinar served as a vital component of the SPECTRA project’s ongoing activities. By delving into various topics related to the development of creative and cultural ecosystems, the project fosters innovation and empowers participants to navigate the evolving landscape of AI within this sector.

The strong attendance and positive response to the webinar showcase the growing interest in understanding the implications of the EU AI Act. As AI continues to play a more prominent role in the creative and cultural industries, initiatives like this webinar become increasingly crucial for fostering ethical and responsible development practices, especially as relevant to the creative sector.

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