SPECTRA study visit

An important aspect of SPECTRA is to facilitate learning and knowledge transfer from more mature, stronger innovation regions (Denmark and Germany) to those that are moderate and emerging innovator regions (West of Ireland and Bulgaria).

As a part of the activities in Work Package 2, under action T2.4 Accelerated Ecosystems: Inter-Territorial cross-learning, to facilitate this process of learning and exchange, 4 study visits have been planned, where partners will have the opportunity to visit each other’s ecosystems. Study visits are a very effective tool for establishing inter-territorial cooperation schemes and networks, for raising awareness of initiatives that work well and for learning about examples of good practice in other countries. The outcomes of these study visits will be documented and disseminated within the respective ecosystems and beyond, to facilitate adaptation and replication of lessons learned, thereby accelerating the development of the ecosystems, which will be enriched with new ideas for interventions and linkages.

In January 2023, the first study visit to Ireland took place, in Galway and in June 2023, a further study visit has been planned, to learn more about the creative ecosystem in Copenhagen, The partners will be hosted by the Creative Business Network, who will run a Global Event, the Creative Business Cup Finals, on 5th June, which partners will get to experience in the Volume, a distinctive venue in Copenhagen, which showcases the city’s industrial past. The volume is a former tram depot at Enghavevej 80 and offers 700 square meters of space for the global creative community to gather and collaborate. As a thriving cultural and creative hub, Volume provides a great atmosphere for celebrating innovation, as well as creativity and SPECTRA partners will have the opportunity to experience this. On the 6th of June, that partners will also meet with some ecosystem stakeholders, and learn about other initiatives, The coordinators of the project, Western Development Commission, will also attend the Creative Policy Lab on 3rd June, past of the EKIP project and the 3daysofdesign, including the BEDA Design Forum, at the Danish Design Center which is located ​​in BLOXhub, a hub for design, architecture and urban innovation in Copenhagen. .

Alongside the study visit activities, the partners will also have a project management meeting, to discuss progress of the project, and plan follow-up activities.