Engagement with the EIT KIC CCSI continues

SPECTRA partners engage with the EIT KIC CCSI Policy Club (Cities & Regions Network) and Investment Club activities

The Policy Club aims to bridge the gaps between policies by bringing together policymakers and decision makers from various sectors and domains, enabling them to prototype and implement quickly innovative policies in communities, cities and regions.

The Policy Club invites approximately 30 policy makers to participate in its inaugural year, with a plan to expand to up to 200 participants by the end of 2027. Interested individuals serving as elected politicians, civil servants, or representatives of professional associations from across Europe and beyond are encouraged to apply. Applicants from all domains of policymaking at local and regional scale are welcome provided they have an interest in cultural and creative practices and policies as a resource for developing innovations and problem-solving.

Selected participants, referred to as delegates, are expected to actively engage in the activities of the Policy Club, which offers a unique opportunity for policy makers to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and contribute to harnessing the potential as well as concrete problem-solving proposals for the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries.

At the inaugural meeting in Bilbao (pictured), in the initial workshop session, the delegates were tasked with operating as a collective intelligence, utilising a digital fine-tuning tool. This tool facilitated the initiation of a peer learning process and the exchange of insights concerning the group’s objectives, its organisational structure, and collaborative policy process design.

In the second session, the delegates engaged in spirited dialogues concerning the role of culture, its impact on policy, the need for clear objectives, and the necessity for cross-sector collaboration. The discussion also centered on selecting a name for the club that would properly reflect its essence. Participants aimed to refine the terminology and enhance comprehension of the club’s mission. Furthermore, A lively discussion took place regarding the importance of community-centric policies that engage citizens and lend legitimacy to cultural policies. Notably, participants recognized the significance of engaging young people and increasing diversity.

The debates held during the workshop also underscored the intrinsic value of culture itself, cautioning against instrumentalizing culture for other purposes, regardless of their importance. Furthermore, the entire workshop emphasized the need to reform the industrial business model to recognize the contributions of SMEs, thus ensuring inclusivity in the cultural and creative sectors.

As a result of these deliberations, a decision emerged to rename the Policy Club as the Cities & Regions Network.

SPECTRA partners were able to share in the learnings, through the participation of Western Development Commission’s Jessica Fuller.

The EIT Culture & Creativity Investment Club will build and fuel the European investment market in culture and creativity. The aim is to create an effective finance and growth ecosystem fit for companies in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries, so that they can fulfill their untapped potential, compete, and succeed on a global level while creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Their first step in this direction is partnering with Bpifrance to host and facilitate connections between investors and companies on the Euroquity platform. Developed in collaboration with Bpifrance, EuroQuity serves as an essential digital platform to connect innovative companies with investors and partners. Being part of the EIT Culture & Creativity Investment Club community offers an array of benefits:

  • an exclusive deal flow and opportunities to expand and build investors’ portfolio in culture and creativity.
  • access to funding, partnership opportunities and events for creative companies.

SPECTRA partners were able to share in the initial findings from the first meeting of the investment club, through Media Deals participation in the Investment Club, via Thierry Baujard.

Both lines of engagement will help contribute to the forthcoming activities in SPECTRA. focusing on joint collaborative initiatives.