SPECTRA and 4NGELS Projects Connect and Exchange

The SPECTRA partners were delighted to connect and exchange with a sister project, funder under the European Interconnected Ecosystem call, 4NGELS.

The  4NGELS project aims to connect business angel networks with a strong foothold in Estonia and Finland with those from Poland and Slovenia. During the course of the project, partners undertake activities to enhance understanding of how to successfully initiate cross-border angel investing in Europe and maximise the impact of investment benefits. 4NGELS brings together different stakeholders from all four innovation ecosystems (including angel networks from Estonia (EstBAN), Finland (FiBAN) – with the business angel networks from the less advanced innovation territories – Poland (Cobin Angels) and Slovenia (BAS)) and startups and other wider innovation ecosystem stakeholders from Europe, to facilitate connections and knowledge exchange. Coordinated by CIVITTA EESTI AS from Estonia, other partners include MTU EESTI ARIINGLITE ASSOTSIATSIOON (Estonia), FINNISH BUSINESS ANGELS NETWORK RY (Finland), COBINANGELS SPOLKA Z OGRANICZONA ODPOWIEDZIALNOSCIA (Poland) and KLUB POSLOVNI ANGELI SLOVENIJE (Slovenia).

Potential for collaboration and synergies were discussed, with particular commonalities detected surrounding the activities planned under the Work Package 4 of SPECTRA ‘Inclusivity of Financiers and enhanced Access to Finance’, led by Media Deals.

Potential SPECTRA-led areas of common participation/grounds for learning and exchange were identified as:
• Investor forum at the beginning of June (at the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen).
• Online investor workshop (September) to bring together novice and experienced investors.
• Sprint and pitch events for startups (September/October).

For 4NGELS the main activities are that can act as catalyst for collaboration:
• Collaboration with the Business Angels Slovenia syndicate.
• Collaborating with the Polish ecosystem in August (Open Call for startups to participate in the training and potential to be selected for the syndicate, Investor training and networking programme, including a study visit to Poland, investment run).
• Investment ecosystem guidebooks – first one will be completed in Q3.

We are looking forward to our continued discussions and collaboration.

More information on the 4Angels project can be found here.