Welcome to the SPECTRA Community Space!

Following the SPECTRA project Panel Discussions on the topics of Stimulating Internal Innovation and use of Experimentation, as well as the Ecosystem as an Open Innovation platform, utilizing Inclusivity, and Diversity as key enabler – we are pleased to announce the formal launch of the SPECTRA Community Space.

The pandemic has served to reinforce the importance of peer-to-peer support for entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and keep moving forward. It is not only integral during times of adversity – it is also crucial for those looking to resume their growth strategies in a variety of other contexts. ‘Peer-to-peer support’ networks encourage likeminded individuals to share brilliant ideas, best practice and learn from one another. They bring together different types of peers, and this encourages dynamic thinking and provides fresh perspectives on ideas and challenges. It gives a forum to peers to ask questions, seek advice, find out about others’ experiences, and share fears, concerns and successes. Peers feel safe and able to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment where everyone is there to help one another.

SPECTRA harnesses the experience that the Creative Business Network has in facilitating community building and peer to peer platforms utilising MIGHTY NETWORKS and has built a peer-to-peer and community exchange space for ecosystem stakeholders. SPECTRA is all about supporting growth of innovation eco-systems and knowledge sharing!

The SPECTRA Community Space will provide everyone with the opportunity if you want to stay up to date on these topics, please join our SPECTRA community space at the following link HERE.

You can gain access to the recordings of the Panel Discussions and much more – all free of charge! In our Community Space, you can access the links with the recordings – to re-watch the sessions do the following:

Go the Events – > Past Events -> And choose the Event you want to watch. At the top of the event description, you can find the link with the recordings.

Stay tuned for the next SPECTRA activities and please connect with us.