Play’n’Learn Methodologies for Ecosystem Growth

How might we gain new competences, to enhance innovation eco-systems growth, through Play’n’Learn methodologies?

That is next on the agenda for the SPECTRA Consortium Partners, as a part of the objective to demonstrate successful existing initiatives, their role and activities towards uniting, and representing a bigger ecosystem of stakeholders with a joint clearly defined purpose to support key stakeholders, including SMEs and start-ups towards innovation deployment. In particular, mechanisms that exist need to be enriched further by cross-collaboration and new learning mechanisms to increase the body of knowledge and enhance capacity building.

Play & Learn can be defined as creative and imaginative ways to transfer knowledge (e.g. cities as playgrounds, playful universities etc.). Creative Business Network have devised a methodology where learning meets playing, as a way to generate impact, helping start-ups, companies and institutions working on education, games and learning to grow and implement innovative projects in the creative sector. SPECTRA partners will test this methodology within a serious game setting on 12 September 2023 in a hybrid setting, to tackle the issue of more inclusive, diverse ecosystem growth.

This Creative Business Network activity will be supported by a lead expert in Play and Learn methodologies – Kim Holflod.

Kim Holflod is a PhD in Education Studies with a dissertation on playful approaches in higher education. He holds a Master of Arts and a Master of ICT and Learning and is currently assistant professor at University College Copenhagen and postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus University. He is part of the EU Horizon project ‘EPIC-WE’ as a task lead and hub lead and also part of Playful Learning Praxis Research in Denmark working with design-based research, playful design, higher education, and boundary-crossing co-creation.

The session will comprise the following activities:

Activity 1: Weaving futures
This activity aims to play with and identify contextually relevant/inspiring playful design principles and relate them to your current challenges to motivate shared reflection.
Activity 2: Prototyping futures
This activity is aimed towards playful co-creation of a prototype to trigger discussion about the future – and its diverse issues, problems, or potentials.

The knowledge, experience, methodologies and recommendations from this session, will be summarised in a report and shared with the public for further dissemination, via our mighty networks SPECTRA community space. Stay in touch for more!

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