Best Practice Examples and Evaluation

As a part of the effort to facilitate Inclusive, Diverse Ecosystems SPECTRA partners sought to specifically address intra-territorial exchange of experience and good practices to enhance the European dimension of the target ecosystems.

They looked at best practice examples from across Europe and pin-pointed specific learning from the lead innovator regions in Germany and Denmark, supporting a common strategy with appropriate solutions to respond to thematic challenges and to support innovative creative economy businesses with involvement of ecosystems as catalysts for innovation.

The resulting deliverable, in addition to research of best practice, reflects on the 2 SPECTRA virtual panel discussions held during August 2023, which focused on the following 2 topics:
1. Stimulating internal innovation and use of experimentation
2. Ecosystem as an open innovation platform, utilizing inclusivity, and diversity as a key enabler.

The learnings have been evaluated, and recommendations generated to inform future decision-making.

The outcomes and conclusions of these activities have been summarised in a report, to enable dissemination, and knowledge enhancement of stakeholders as well as replication. The report can be downloaded on this website under the resources page, and is titled D2.2 Best Practice Examples and Evaluation.