Innovation Direction and Trends

In order for the creative industries to continue to bring prosperity to Europe, it must now become the accelerator and enabler of change and innovation in a human-centric way that can support and empower, among other, the covenants of the green and digital transition, and the transformative impact on society.

The research undertaken by SPECTRA, in addition to research of trends, reflects on:

  • approaches to business support
  • Integration of solutions in a way that maximises value.
  • Appropriate knowledge and interventions.
  • Understanding of linkages of various ecosystem actors and activities.
  • Identification of suitable role-models and peer communities.

The relevant innovation directions and trends can be incorporated into the growth and strategic vision of the ecosystem development. This includes consideration of the future need for co-creation processes with all relevant stakeholders.

A report has been produced as an outcome of this activity, which has identified key innovation trends as: cross-sectoral collaboration, human-centric approaches, integration of digital and green transition and co-creation and societal inclusion.

The report seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the overarching innovation directions and trends,  but these do not intend to represent an exhaustive list. They also do not exist in silos and are not intended to be considered in isolation from each other, indeed, there are many intersections between the directions and trends, and they are indeed intertwined, as well as meant to be applied with agility in mind, tailored to the challenge and ecosystem, communities, and opportunities at hand.

It is clear from the undertaken research that CCSI have a significant role to play in innovation in multiple sectors, and in facilitating inclusivity, while also contributing to the strengthening of the ecosystems, as demonstrated. Further reading and exploration of these topics is encouraged – further experimentation, piloting and demonstrative work is required to improve knowledge and learning in multiple areas.

To read the full report, you can download the full document on the resources page, titled ‘D2.3 Innovation Direction and Trends Overview and Recommendations’.